Growing Worldwide Shortage of Cybersecurity Experts.

A recent report issued in late 2019 by ISC2, one of the world’s leading organization for cyber security, points to a pressing need for more and better cyber security professionals around the world. Cyber security specialist focus on the protection of systems and networks from cyber attacks including:

  • Phishing
  • Ransomeware
  • Malware
  • Social engineering

The ISC2 is a nonprofit membership organization with a 30-year history that provides industry-recognized certification for cyber security professionals. They publish an annual cyber security workforce study to foster understanding about the trends in the industry and to show strategies for strengthening and improving cyber security.

The 2019 report shows a significant shortage of qualified workers in the cyber security field. The organization estimates that there are 2.8 million professionals worldwide, but that there is a need for more than 4.7 million more people in this industry. There is a need for a growth worldwide of 145% to keep up with current demand. In the US alone the industry is estimated to need to grow by 62%. In the Asia-Pacific region (not counting China and India) there is a shortage of about 2.6 million qualified professionals.

The 2019 report also shows that most cyber security professionals are satisfied with their work and career path and are relatively well paid. Those having advanced certification tend to earn more than their peers who are not certified.

ICS2 2019 report on cyber security

Photo: Richard Patterson