Will 2015 Be The Year of Anti-Immigration in Europe?

640px-Boat_People_at_Sicily_in_the_Mediterranean_Sea.jpg “Boat People at Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea”

                   (Photo: Vito Manzari )

What problems will Europe face in 2015? Certainly the economy, terrorism and immigration. So far terrorism (thanks to the Paris attacks) has taken center stage. And the Greek elections in January have put the economy on page one, but what of immigration? Will immigration in Europe be the leading story this year? Switzerland, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany all have immigration issues. And Scandinavia has its share of immigrant communities. So what will happen in 2015? Will governments already stressed by the immigration problem react in such a way to limit or even eliminate immigration?  What will Europe’s short and long terms solutions be?  Please log in and give us your thoughts on this question.




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