Japan’s Neighbors React To PM Abe’s Speech

Japan’s neighbors reacted swiftly to PM Abe’s August 14th speech commemorating the 70th anniversary of WWII. While American reactions were mixed, Asian reactions were more uniform, all arriving at basically the same conclusion: that Abe did not get personal with his own feelings and that what he said did not go far enough in accepting responsibility for Japan’s actions during the war.

The DPRK’s (North Korea) foreign ministry was the most strident, calling Abe’s speech “not an honest admission and apology.” China’s People’s Daily wrote: “Up to this day, Japan has yet to manage a clear break-up with its disgraceful past.”And Park Geun-hye speaking at a ceremony to mark the 70th anniversary of the war said the speech and apology “left much to be desired.”

So, what do you think? We have published Abe’s speech in its entirety. Why not take a couple minutes to read it, then another few minutes to think about it, and then give us your honest opinion: What did you think of the speech? Did Abe go far enough in his apology? Has Japan finally said all that is needed to be said? Was Abe correct in saying that future generations no longer need to apologize? 


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