U.S. Secretary of Defense Hagel Steps Down

scr_ObamaShakingHandsWithHagel11-24-14.jpg                                                                 (Photo: Def. Gov.)

U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel resigned on Monday November 24th. Hagel had held the position for two years, and will stay on until a successor can be found. Hagel is President Barak Obama’s third secretary of defense. His predecessors were Robert Gates and Leon Panetta. Reports state that Mr. Hagel never really became a member of Mr. Obama’s inner circle, and that he had differences with the National Security Council’s Susan Rice. Since the rise of Islamic State, the U.S. Defense policy has taken a different course than when Mr. Hagel was appointed. His management skills have also been called into question.

Looking at the situation, who do you think will, or should replace Mr. Hagel, and will there be a major shift in U.S. defense policy? Please log in and post your answers here.




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