Taiwan Defense Ministry: Invasion by 2020 Possible

Chinese-FAC-Missile-Boat.jpg                                 (Photo: Defense Tech.org)

 Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense issued its 12th National Defense Report on Tuesday October 8,  just before this year’s 10/10 national day. In the report the MND said China’s continuing military buildup will make her fully capable of launching an invasion of Taiwan by 2020.  The report cited the PRC’s building of two amphibious assault ships and upgrading its amphibious landing capabilities. The PRC has also developed a new anti-ship missile, the Dong Feng 21-D, that is seen as an “aircraft carrier killer.” Sources suggest that this is designed to deal with any U.S. intervention in the event of Taiwan-PRC hostilities. While relations have warmed somewhat during the presidency of Ma Ying-jeou, the PRC has still not taken the use of force off the table as a means of reuniting with what it considers to be a breakaway province. (Report compiled from Focus Taiwan News Channel and Taipei Times).

 Taiwan Defense & National Security website: http://www.ustaiwandefense.com/